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J.P. Crawford

CEO/Health Fitness Specialist

J. P. Crawford is the owner and founder of DiVerge Fitness. He dedicates his business to the constant advancement of physiology, nutrition, and kinematics of the human body. Crawford's constant research and guidance enable DiVerge clients the opportunity to transform their bodies and their lives. 


Crawford puts clients' desires and results before everything else. His mission is to provide an experience in which the individual's full physical potential is awakened and realized through the DiVerge Fitness Lifestyle. Crawford maintains customer amazement as the defining standard of DiVerge Fitness. 


Crawford's background consists of twenty four years of personal training with over 74,000 hours of personal training and consultation. He received a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine and Health Science followed by a Masters degree at Columbus State University. He then further completed his education at Columbia University through the American College of Sports Medicine. He has an extensive repertoire of prestigious certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine, AAFA, NASM, Reebok University, Titleist Performance Institute, Precision Nutrition, and the CHEK Institute.

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