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About Our Program

Your body is the most important piece of equipment you own. We isolate your physical limitations, and show you in a clear and simple way how to eliminate those limitations. We show you how eliminating your physical limitations will directly correlate with improved golf performance. Everyone has a different style of golf swing, but there is something about the best players in the world that they do over and over again that make them the most efficient ball strikers in the world. We have the ability to measure your body’s performance throughout your swing, and see how efficient you are at your style. We view your swing using the Skytrak system, and from this we develop a very precise picture of what happens during your swing. 


Players will undergo a series of golf-specific assessments using the Titleist Performance Institute systems and personal medical history discussions. Based on the evaluation, players then have the opportunity to receive personalized fitness and nutrition regimens as well as personal training sessions and remote coaching via the web-based program. The ultimate goals are overall health, and improved sustainable swing mechanics.

Skytrak Golf Simulator

Getting Started



Make Appointment

Complete new client profile information



Objective Assessment 

Appointment with trainer in order to complete functional movement analysis



Vision Session

Your program or vision is developed by J. P. Crawford and explained in detail by your trainer. 



Expert Personal Coaching


Carefully developed programs of physical conditioning are a critical part of the golf instruction program at DiVerge Fitness. The program is led by J. P. Crawford, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer. 



As soon as a student-athlete arrives at DiVerge Fitness, J. P.  will do an assessment for mobility, stability, strength, and power. Part of the assessment will be visual screenings of the athlete’s movements, and part will be a 3D biomechanical analysis. This ‘motion mapping’ allow trainers to identify areas in need of improvement, whether to make the athlete more mobile, more stable, stronger, or more powerful. J. P. will see if weaknesses in any of those areas are affecting the athlete’s technique or swing mechanics. Once that’s determined J. P. will sit down with each athlete to set goals and establish a vision for both mechanics and physical fitness. The third step will be to develop a program of conditioning to complement those goals. The program will be implemented in daily conditioning sessions and will be constantly reassessed for any necessary adjustments.

The DiVerge team will also advise golfers on the daily requirements necessary for them to succeed both on and off the golf course.