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Lane Brooks

Fitness Instructor

"Fit at Fifty" and “Real fitness in a real world.” That’s what his life is all about.  His philosophy on health is that we must make one or a few changes at a time, habituate those changes, and then move on to make other changes. Great results can come from small changes. More people fail when they are considering the move to a more healthy lifestyle because they feel like there is too much to change or they try to change too much at once. In his experience this leads to almost certain failure. Let him help you figure out how to make a few changes at a time until the habit of health becomes second nature. He has spent the better part of his professional life as an educator. He has spent the past 20 plus years in Higher Education. He has worked in colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia as a Director of Support Services and as a Professor. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education from Columbus State University and Georgia State University. Wellness education is his passion! He enjoys working with people who are looking to making the changes necessary to reach their fitness goals. He is currently certified through the Chek Institute. 

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